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Wives are young men’s mistresses, companions for middle age, and old men’s nurses, so as a man may have a quarrel[109] to marry when he will; but yet he was reputed one of the wise men that made answer to the question when a man should marry, “A young man not yet, an elder man […]


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But does not this amount to recognizing that the very idea of the number 2, or, more generally, of any number whatever, involves the idea of juxtaposition in space? that the law of error displays itself in the familiar binomial form, or in some form approximating to this, the three methods indicated above will coincide […]


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The distinction made between clergy and laity in the celebration of the Eucharist showed this in its clearest form. die xxvii Mensis Ianuarii, Pontificatu Syxti IIII, Anno eius quarto. Here, billy, quack, quack, quack! Has not C. Every man ought to feel himself free to experiment in the most cold and scientific spirit, undistracted by […]


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political internship for letter examples cover. Whosoever findes him, may acquaint any at Whitehall, for the Dog was better known at Court than those who stole him. The continued payment and receipt of wergelds show that they did not. So Tolstoi promised long ago that men would awake to their error soon and would put […]


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Is it then perfectly arbitrary what series or class of instances we select by which to judge? This statement differs from the older one in its divisions, but it has an air of antiquity and reality about it which suggests that it may represent a local custom actually in force. One bishop, squarely asked why […]


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My at first feebly defined sentiment of opposition thus became confirmed conceit, reason, affirmation; the hymn to Ph?bus Apollo became the hymn to Satan. For this purpose, he went and settled _incognito_ (under the name of Mr. 374-5. Ad eos magnus adulescentium numerus disciplin? I am far from saying that _any_ one is capable of […]


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25. If magnitude, outside you, is never intensive, intensity, within you, is never magnitude. Meanwhile didst thou grow on, a thoughtful virgin, and she our country with intrepid step began to climb the lofty heights of art, to plant thereon the flag of liberty. But this involves a very obscure point and a much more […]


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POEMS I ROMA Give to the wind thy locks; all glittering Thy sea-blue eyes, and thy white bosom bared, Mount to thy chariots, while in speechless roaring Terror and Force before thee clear the way! We had a Cicerone with us, who led us, without ceremony, to a place in the chapel, where we could […]


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His reply was, “That’s Capt. At least, we can compare these Marbles to nothing but human figures petrified: they have every appearance of absolute _fac-similes_ or casts taken from nature. gif he ?onne h?bbe healfe lxxx scill. failures in m ventures, of an event which has one chance in its favour to four against it) […]