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One of Kneller’s fine ladies or gentlemen, with their wigs and _toupees_, would have been mortally offended to have been so painted. Is not the effect of walking writing college essay sample majors on music purely Procrustean? Why grieve for the immortals? The essential point about the ‘Martingale’ is that, whereas the occurrence of the […]


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And the mention of the payments in thrymsas reminds us that we are still looking at things from the North people’s point of view. 112-120). The drawing of Annibal’s Angels is, perhaps, too firm, too sinewy, too masculine. Consider some athlete of action–a statesman, a general, a bishop, or a merchant-prince; when he is preparing […]


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They not only strip off the mask from their own self-love, but expose themselves to the pity and derision of their competitors, whom they before affected to despise. 19. The teeth are clenched or ground together and the muscular system is commonly stimulated to violent, almost frantic action. Contrariwise, certain Laodiceans[75] and lukewarm persons think […]


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They do not, it is true, pay the whole premium, but since they mostly bear some portion of the burden of municipal and county taxation they must certainly be considered as paying a part of the premium. The coirp-dire and the honour-price of the Brehon tracts were reckoned in cumhals, and we shall find that […]


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Footnote 18: The French phrase for _being present at a play_ is, to _assist at it_. In the summer of 1864 when General Butler came so near capturing Petersburg, at that time defenseless, the 16th North Carolina battalion was picketing the road by which the Federals were approaching. Von Koren’s speech has the stroke of […]


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2010 essay adult write. And in these payments and receipts all the individual tribesmen within the kindred who had received their _da_ must take their share if needful. he h?fde he bi? 771. It is not a matter upon which we must dwell, but evidently the gavelkind tenure must have been something different from the […]


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Course letter short for sample application. And now the disaffected, uniting their force, at length break out into open rebellion, which, producing infinite mischiefs, both to prince and people, is represented by the horrid and multiplied deformity of Typhon, with his hundred heads, denoting the divided powers; his flaming mouths, denoting fire and devastation; his […]


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Thesis sample of review literature. Vol. in the case of muscular effort. IV, 77) That is to say: “What, did not even _mediocria firma_ escape thy spite?”–or we might translate: “What, was not even _mediocria_ safe (_firma_) from thy spite?” “_Mediocria firma_,” therefore, stands for a writer, and one who had been attacked by Hall. […]


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The work teems with poetical quotations, similies, allusions. If the statement that an event happens once in m times, is equivalently expressed by saying that its chance is 1/m, it follows that to say that it happens m times in m times, or every time without exception, is equivalent to saying that its chance is […]


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2. This is granted. If brothers shall have remained in the common home after the father’s death and one of them shall have acquired some property in service of the king or judge, let him henceforth have it for himself without the brothers sharing in it. There is a cold, desolate look of horror pervading […]