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Kant’s solution.] In the second place, in a duration assumed to be homogeneous, the same states could occur over again, causality would imply necessary determination, and all freedom would become incomprehensible. IV WALKING, SPORT AND ATHLETICS Nothing arouses keener feelings than the idea of sport. Nor is woman exactly without _rights_ among uncultured peoples. But […]


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I was complaining of the trick that had been played by the waiter at Lyons in the taking of our places, when I was told by the young Frenchman, that, in case I returned to Lyons, I ought to go to the Hotel de l’Europe, or to the Hotel du Nord, ‘in which latter case […]


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Such being the _gwely_, we pass on to the wider kindred, embracing the descendants of seven (and for some purposes nine) generations from a common ancestor. To thee but shame, to us but harm befalling! Supernaturalism has just as much vitality now as it had a century after Christ. Had the yearning been kept under […]


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This is one of the clauses which fixes the date of the Latin version, for the ordeal was abolished in A.D. There were sober epochs when the pursuit of positive knowledge absorbed every one capable of intellectual labour. Without knowing why, without love, without even being attracted, she gives herself to the first, commonplace man […]


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We know that Antonio Zaroto had printed at Milan a “Festus de Verborum significationibus” on the 3d August, 1471, while the earliest date credited to Lavagna is that of his edition of the “Epistolae ad Familiares” of Cicero, 25th March, 1472. (1) The _brother_, or if none, the _brother’s son_, or if none, the sister’s […]


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[222] The snake is one of the Indian tribal _totems_. We shall discuss briefly these mental tendencies, and the most simple and obvious modes of satisfying them. But, if he were still alive, would he accept these objections and renounce his pessimism? It certainly needs proof that the same characteristics will hold good when the […]


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If he be his own king he can never take away either his _saer_ stock or _daer_ stock unless the tenant be indigent, and there are no life separations between the tenant and his own hereditary king unless either of them act illegally, &c.… The tightness of the tribal bond is shown still more clearly […]


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descriptive essay on free love. Hence they do not take in our minds that common looking form which they will assume as soon as we try to give expression to them in words; and, although they bear the same name in other minds, they are by no means the same thing. It was immediately translated […]