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The Venetians may still live to be old, but they do not paint like Titian! How far Carducci conforms to the traditional character of the Italian poets—always with the majestic exception of the exiled Dante—in that the soft winds of court favour are a powerful source of their inspiration on national themes, may be judged […]


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creative ghostwriter hire for. The figures are all heroic, handsome, such as might belong to huntresses, or Goddesses: and the coolness and seclusion of the scene, under grey over-hanging cliffs, and brown overshadowing trees, with all the richness and truth of nature, have the effect of an enchanting reality.—The story and figures are more classical […]


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The world allures us as before, but it no longer gives pure happiness. A young officer, who the other day volunteered this service to a beautiful Marchioness without either of these titles, and was a sort of interloper on the intended gallant, was sent to Volterra. 1471. A must be B, A may be B; […]


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The work was finished at Florence on October 5, 1472. West does not form an exception to, but a confirmation of, these general observations. The grossness of the selection is hardly more offensive than the finicalness of the execution. The walking race is indeed a wonderful thing, a standing testimony to the exuberance of human […]


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A _Child Sleeping_, by the same painter, is a beautiful and masterly study.—No. As for the angel, he always considers himself doubly right. Better the man who babbles and strolls, who trails his feet across country and his tongue across commonplace, than the man who tries to ventilate fundamental things while his body is braced […]


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We have already spoken of the necessity of taking into account the affective character of these sensations, the shock received by the whole of the organism. 16. 10.) The logic of this decree is curious. Most of their books are anonymous. Reasons for the above conditions. There is something beyond it, both in imagination and […]


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writer site top course school for work. 117. And it is no use trying to measure this quality Q by some top course work writer site for school physical quantity Q’ which lies beneath it: for it would be necessary to have previously shown that Q is a function of Q’, and this would not […]


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Cast it, also, that you may have rooms both for summer and winter; shady for summer, and warm for winter. Thus from these traditional values, retained even under new circumstances by the Burgundian law, we learn that the wergeld of the middle class of freemen, ‘mediocres in populo,’ of 200 solidi, was still regarded as […]


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The Muse is dying nowadays of over-interpretation. This explanation is applicable also to the case where descent is claimed from one of the heavenly bodies. 13. I must have been out of tune; for my disappointment and my consequent mortification were extreme. The discommodities of usury are, first, that it makes fewer merchants; for were […]


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Before changing the subject it may be well to give the substance of a foot-note to the present writer’s _Shakespeare-Bacon_, 1899 (Swan Sonnenschein): “When Bacon came to review his early estimate of the importance of poetry to science or knowledge, he was evidently dissatisfied. This at least was what the young gentleman was saying to […]