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science thesis computer list title. Let them now each report some extraordinary _lusus natur?_ or monstrosity which they profess to have seen. The facts needful for the understanding of the monetary system of the Scandinavian tribes need not detain the reader very long. The original investigator himself may have long pondered over it, and kept […]


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8, 9. In fact, Mr Smyth’s selected ratio,–the height to twice the breadth of the base as compared with the diameter to the circumference,–is obviously only one of a plurality of ratios. ancill? There is a good deal of ill-nature and churlishness, as well as a narrow policy in this. Oxford is as fine in […]


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It won the perfect understanding sympathy of De Beaumont, Renan and Matthew Arnold: men of antipodal judgments. Only the mother of the Sirens was not thus plumed on the head, which doubtless denotes superficial learning, invented and used for delight and levity; an eminent example whereof we have in Petronius, who, after receiving sentence of […]


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Fa??r ?m w?l j kop? Before he became a distinguished actor, he was not “merry.” The gilded courtiers of France, during his exile, found him a serious and awkward figure of a lad; his admired Mademoiselle Montpensier, the great prime-ministerial Mademoiselle, trailing her new satin gowns back and forth under Henrietta Maria’s knowing eye, looked […]


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?t openum gr?fe .xx. 17: The art of prolonging life was, he thought, one of the most desirable. Or if the need arose still closer at hand, all were to come. CHAPTER XVII. Behold the Isaac of the ancient time, Who bends beneath the sword his gentle neck And looks upon his slayer with a […]


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In fact, it will be easily granted that counting material objects means thinking all these objects together, thereby leaving them in space. But he clearly intended to run: and although this shows his running pace to be creditable, we cannot safely infer from it to his walking pace. There is never any harm in repeating […]


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Is certainly admirably painted and managed. Inman points out that, in the ancient languages, the term for “garden” is used as a metaphor for woman. But the consideration of such qualities as these would either leave the average precisely as it was, or produce such an unimportant alteration in it as no one would think […]


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He falls short of being an artist in just the degree in which he sees the details of form apart from their soul or spiritual essence; and as this spiritual element is that wherein the unity of the world as idea exists, therefore, failing to apprehend this, he fails to lay hold of the universal […]