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To put it quite baldly, people must get married; and the safest way of promoting this is to organise society by pairs, to proclaim attendance at social forms so organised as a moral duty, and back this up with the whole weight of custom and constituted authority. I have seen but one book of travels […]


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In the long run the two results coincide; but there is a marked difference between the two cases, considered individually. The _Advancement_ defines “metaphysic”–which includes mathematics–as the science of “that which is abstracted and fixed,” “physic” being the science of “that which is inherent in matter and therefore transitory.” (d) The _Apologie_ censures philosophers for […]


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_FURTHER DISCUSSION UPON THE NATURE OF THE SERIES MENTIONED IN THE LAST CHAPTER._ 1. It will assume then that, everything else remaining identical, such and such a desire has gone up a scale of magnitudes, as though it were permissible still to speak of magnitude where there is neither multiplicity nor space! We do not […]


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analysis hrm job case study. What we may fairly require is that those who deny the chance explanation should assign some sort of minimum value to the probability of occurrence on the other supposition, and we can then try to surmount this by increasing the rarity of the actually produced phenomenon on the chance hypothesis. […]


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But if we were to attempt in this way to measure our belief these difficulties would become quite insuperable. We saw Cortona on our right, looking over its wall of ancient renown, conscious of its worth, not obtruding itself on superficial notice; and passed through Arezzo, the reputed birth-place of Petrarch. [103] Mr. The more […]


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Potter, of the 12th New Jersey, Smyth’s brigade, Hay’s division, in an address delivered several years ago, after speaking in very complimentary terms of the conduct of the North Carolina and Mississippi brigades of Pettigrew’s division, says: “Again a larger number of the enemy was killed and wounded in front of Smyth than in front […]


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It is not alleged that this expression is peculiar to these two writers–assuming the duality. Deviations exceeding a certain range may not be merely improbable, that is of very rare occurrence, but they may often from the nature of the case be actually impossible. No man can bear in mind every contingency to which he […]


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for ghostwriter sites school essay analysis cheap. One or the other can strongly influence individual Christians, but it is impossible for both at once to occupy the same mind. In Longstreet’s assault as it moved over the field the two wings of its right regiment parted company, and at the close of the assault were […]


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But so long as our conclusions are to be effected by considerations of Probability only, we cannot do this. The passage will bear quoting at length. Hoke. In such buy environmental studies business plan cases tribal custom, however hardly it might resist, had eventually to succumb, thus affording a strong contrast with the Cymric and […]