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Dissertation hypothesis geography my help with. The multiplicity of middle terms, therefore, is what ought to be expected. The following is from the ‘Crith Gabhlach’ (p. And if the blundering stupidity of the order to charge has excited our sympathy in behalf of the British cavalry, is there not enough of that element in the […]


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Take, for example, the case of resentment. He (the slayer) shall pay a cumhal of restitution (aithgin) and as much as a son or a father of the six cumhals of the dire-fine. I at one time encountered a horseman mounted on a _demipique_ saddle, in a half military uniform, who seemed determined to make […]


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Again, believe, if you will: if you won’t, don’t. They will not mislead if the destroyer be not confounded with the builder who is to follow, and the temporary ebullition of pent-up passion be not mistaken for the after-thought of a reflecting, sobered mind. Haines. Bernoulli himself does not seem to have based his conclusions […]