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(3) Finally we draw similar conclusions in reference to the _sum or difference_ of two averages of any numbers. E—— was unwilling to credit this statement, but the proofs were too flagrant. He could dare what Keats, born to the purple, would fain have dared, but, in his sonnet to Haydon, confesses his fear of […]


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The tendency which inevitably characterized philosophy to push God back from contact with creation, and to preserve his shadowy glory as an absolute being, of course influenced Philo, who simply as a philosopher was bound to be a pure theist. _A. But mediocre poetry when turned into prose becomes simply ridiculous, and so the present […]


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Nor need we more than mention the common plough, to the team of which the tribesmen contributed oxen for the _cyvar_ or common ploughing of the portion of the waste agreed upon for each year’s corn crop. The error is the same as if any one were to confound, in political economy, value in use […]


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| | | | | | — — — — — — | G. Though a wordy and dull composition, this colophon is certainly distinctive enough: Si te forsan, amice dilecte, nouisse iuuabit quis huius voluminis Impressorie artis productor fuerit atque magister, Accipito huic artifici nomen esse magistro Iohanni Veldener, cui quam certa manu insculpendi, […]


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On the principles adopted in this work, the rule, when thus algebraically expressed, means precisely the same thing as when it is expressed in the statistical form. Thus book and author, reader, here you find. But if, passing from statics to dynamics, this psychology claims to reason about things in the making as it reasoned […]


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This melancholy, itself repugnant to the primitive Italian nature, opened the way for the still more foreign influence of the romanticists, which tended to the study and instructions for typing an essay in microsoft word love of nature from the subjective or emotional side, and to a more or less morbid dwelling upon the passions […]


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The Mexicans, and other peoples of the western part of the American Continent, belong to the latter category, as do also the inhabitants of the greater part of the area of Asia and Europe. And by the torch in the hand of Ceres, or the ether, is doubtless meant the sun, which disperses light over […]


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Had this latter information been given to us we should really have had but one unknown quantity to determine, viz. It was on a day in spring, in sight of Wicklow headlands, the Golden Spears of long ago;–a day when primroses and celandine and prodigal furze splashed the hillsides, down to the rocks where fishers […]


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tigers review essay. What he was, generally speaking, deficient in, was invention or composition, though even this appears to have been more from habit than want of power; but his drawing of actual forms, where they were not to be put into momentary action, or adapted to a particular expression, was as fine as possible. […]